Meg has spent her career designing and executing creative ways for leaders from different sectors to make the world a better place.  Currently, she is director of communications for the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment. Previously, she led outreach and communications for the Urban Institute’s Pay for Success Initiative, consulted on strategy for innovation projects with Monitor Deloitte, and advised on social innovation policy at the White House Office of Management and Budget under President Barack Obama (yes, though she was a civil servant and not a political appointee, these days she’s pretty explicit about which Administration she served). Back in the day, she was a journalist. Her writing on social and economic policy issues has appeared in Time, Fortune, CNN, and Parade.

Meg graduated with honors in literature and history from Mount Holyoke College, the oldest college for women in the United States. She remains active in the College’s Alumnae Association. She received her MA in American government from Georgetown University. She is based in Washington, D.C.


Meg is and always has been a tall person, something strangers still feel compelled to point out to her on a daily basis. She grew up in Massachusetts but considers Maine her actual place of origin (and has the tattoo to prove it). Since 2009 she has lived in her adopted home of Washington, D.C. in between gallivants around the world. She likes reading historical fiction (especially of the World War Two spy variety), making spreadsheets, drinking dark roast coffee, performing in a competitive karaoke league, and binge-listening to My Favorite Murder and My Dad Wrote a Porno, both of which can make for awkward conversation on first dates. She has two houseplants named Roger and Benji and follows a bunch of pampered French bulldogs on Instagram. Her crowning academic achievement was interviewing the eldest Hanson brother for the Mount Holyoke student newspaper